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All road tests are based on the MTO criteria and assessed by fully qualified examiners under test conditions. This forms the basis of your drive test to become fully qualified and on the road.

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Each province has its own unique road test, so make sure you select the correct test based on your location. In Ontario, the tests available are the G1, G2, M1 and M2. Before you are able to pass a drive test, you must first complete a knowledge test. This will develop your understanding of road signs and the rules of the road.

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Toronto Etobicoke G Test

Toronto Etobicoke M2 Test First Attempt

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Each test has a knowledge book available to help you practise and these are available online. A deep understanding of road signs and rules is required, these books will help you to gain this knowledge ready for your test. Plenty of practice is the key to passing the knowledge test, this can be done online.

You are required to ensure that your vehicle is fully roadworthy before you are able to take your road test. The likelihood of passing your drive test can be increased by regular practice and getting as much time behind the wheel as possible. This cannot be done on your own and an experienced driver must accompany you at all times. Training programs by fully qualified professionals are available, these programs will teach you everything you need to know to pass your road test.

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