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Road tests are completed under the guidance of the MTO criteria, this is the structure you will be following when you take your drive test.

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Each and every province in Canada has its own road test, so depending on where you live the correct test needs to be selected. In Ontario there are multiple tests available, these include G1, G2, M1 and M2 depending on the vehicle you are driving. Before a road test can be taken, a knowledge test must be completed first. Road signs and driving theory are all covered in this test.

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Available to download online are the knowledge books for each test, these will guide you through your studies. All of the road signs within your area are contained in the books to help you understand what they mean. Practice tests are available and serve as a useful way of studying and revising for the real test.

You must ensure you have a roadworthy vehicle come test time, this is so you’re safe on the road along with your examiner. Getting some practice with your own vehicle is essential when learning to drive and passing your road test. An experienced driver must always accompany you at all times when practising. Fully qualified instructors are available to teach you how to drive and what is required from you in the road test. Having professional tuition is recommended and could mean a higher chance of success.

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