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A set of rules are in place called the MTO criteria, road tests are in place to assess your driving skills according to the regulations in place.

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Each and every province within Canada has its own drive/road test in place, so depending on your location the correct test will need to be taken. Ontario for example has a selection of tests available, these are the G1, G2, M1 and M2 tests. A knowledge test pass is required before you are to drive and practise your skills, this is so you have an understanding of road signs and what they do.

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A knowledge book is available for your chosen test and these are made available to read online. These books will explain and help you understand all of the different road signs available along with any rules specific to your province. Practice makes perfect, knowledge tests can easily be practised online to help with studying.

To take a road test in Canada your vehicle must first be roadworthy and meet the safety requirements before the test can begin. Getting as much time behind the wheel as possible, will increase your chance of passing your drive test. To do this an experienced driver must accompany you in the car. A driver training program will be led by an experienced instructor who will train you on everything needed for your road test.

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