Will Autonomous Cars Mean We Won't Need A Road Test?

Will Autonomous Cars Mean We Won't Need A Road Test?

Sep 05,2018 0

The road test can be a challenge for many people, so the thought that one day cars will drive themselves is a welcome one.

If you're in your 40s or 50s, then you would have grown up being fed the idea that driving a car would be radically different to when your parents used to take you to the beach.

For a start, cars would be electric instead of the gas-guzzling behemoths everyone was driving at the time.

Electric cars would revolutionise travel. They would be clean, fast and efficient. Importantly, they would be cheap.

This was the vision many books gave us during the 70s, but as time moved on, we realised that pure electric cars are still a way off yet.

Sure, Tesla and others are setting the standards, but they're a long way off from being the ubiquitous mode of transport we once thought they would be.

Nope, we're stuck with fossil fuels for now.

But what about the other great hope? One day, we were told, cars would drive...