The Step-by-Step Guide On How To Book A Road Test

So you’ve been working hard preparing for your road test, or perhaps you want to set yourself a deadline. Whatever the reason for coming here, you obviously clicked to find out exactly how to book a road testThat’s why in this post we are going to show you step-by-step, how to book a road test. Throughout this guide we will be using several screenshots taken from our website in order to help visually show you the process.

To begin you’re going to want to head to our website, Book Your Road Test. On our homepage you will see this section.

Which brings us onto step 1:

Test Centre & Type

On this menu you are provided with two drop down menus, the first being where you select your Test Centre. We do have more blogs which detail how to effectively pick your Test Centre, which can be found here.

Once you have chosen the Test Centre, you can then choose which test you want to book. To do this simply use the drop down menu titled “Select Test Type”. Then choose the test that you want to book like shown.

Booking Summary

Once both criteria have been selected, click the “book now” button. This will take you to the Booking Summary page, where you can check the price and details of the test you’ve booked, before proceeding to checkout.

Make sure to read over this information, to ensure that you are happy with location and test type. Then click “proceed to checkout”.


Then like that, we are already on the final step!

In the checkout there are multiple fields that need to be filled out, these include common fields such as: Name, State, Postal Code, etc…

But you are probably wondering what information is needed specifically for booking a road test.

As shown in the image above, we only require two specific types of information. The first being your license details, so we can book the test for you; and second is your time preference.

Due to the fact that not all times and dates will be available, we ask that you can provide some more general time frames, so that we can book the best time within your availability.

We also ask that you provide an alternate road test centre. There are two reasons for this, the first being that your chosen test centre may not be open on the date that you have requested, and secondly we may be able to book an appointment at the perfect time and date at an alternate road test centre which may not be available at the original centre chosen.

Once you’ve filled out your details, click “next”. From here you are simply required to provide payment details, then we will send you email confirmation of the purchase and booking.

It really is that simple!