How to choose your drive test centre

How to choose your drive test centre

Nov 23,2018 0

Choosing your drive test centre should be easy.

After all, surely you just go for the one that's closest to where you live?

But maybe there's more to it than that, and maybe it's worth checking the statistics to find out if one centre is maybe easier to pass at than the others?

Should there be a difference?

Let's face it, they should all be the same, but when people say one test centre is easier to pass at than another, they might not be just going on anecdotal evidence. There's every chance they might be right.

And, statistics would seem to back it up.

For example, Brampton has a 53% failure rate on the G2 test, compared to Kenora which has a 7% failure rate.

So why such a huge difference?

Some might argue that the area itself is easier to drive around, or that the examiners are maybe a little more lenient, and...