Today, we are exploring the difference between driving experience and driving expertise.

Whilst some would argue that with experience, you become an expert driver, there are often simple things that people forget or find lazier ways to achieve.

So that’s why we have compiled this list of the things that experienced drivers tend to overlook.

Mirror Checks:

First thing on the list is mirror checks. Often when drivers become more comfortable, they become more oblivious to mirror checks.

This tends to be because they assume that other drivers are as ‘experienced’ as them, and that they can predict what’s going to happen.

However, this simply isn’t feasible. So it is crucial that you make the correct mirror checks every time, as not only will it improve your safety, but it will improve the safety of everyone else on the road.

Braking Distance/Spacing:

Another problem that is more apparent in experienced drivers is their spacing.

Often it is a mixture of confidence, and overestimating other drivers’ ability that leads to this sort of spacing.

Whilst it is important to be confident with your driving ability, you don’t want to let your confidence override your sense of safety, as you cannot predict what is going to happen on the roads at all times.

We recommend leaving a 2-second gap between you and the driver in front. This way, you have extra time to react to anything that they might do.


Last but not least is anticipation. As mentioned before, when drivers become more confident with their ability, they often assume that people are also as confident at driving.

However this simply isn’t the case, there will always be some people out there who just don’t follow the rules, and think that it’s okay.

Which is why it is always important to anticipate people appearing from intersections, behind corners etc..

If you remember to do these things, then you will soon become an expert at driving! It’s essentially the things that your driving instructor would typically have to keep reminding you!

But it’s all for good reason.