How to choose your drive test centre How to choose your drive test centre Choosing your drive test centre should be easy. After all, surely you just go for the one that's closest to where you live? But maybe there's more to it than that, and maybe it's worth checking the statistics to find out if one centre is maybe easier to pass at than the others? Should there be a difference? Let's face it, they should all be the same, but when people say one test centre is easier to pass at than another, they might not be just going on anecdotal evidence. There's every chance they might be right. And, statistics would seem to back it up. For example, Brampton has a 53% failure rate on the G2 test, compared to Kenora which has a 7% failure rate. So why such a huge difference? Some might argue that the... Nov 23,2018 0 Read More
Where Is The Easiest Place to Take My Road Test? Where Is The Easiest Place to Take My Road Test? Nobody wants to make their road test any harder than it already is, but is there such a thing as an "easy" place to pass your test? Are some test centres automatically harder to impress than others? Although we'd like to think all test centres are equal, it's true that the failure rates of Ontario test centres can vary wildly. If you're a little bit worried about your test, and nervous when getting behind the wheel, you might be tempted to look for the easiest place to pass and book your test there. But how do you find out where that is? Ask around It's likely that many of your friends have already taken their test and these are the best people to ask first. When I was at college, there were many stories doing the rounds... Sep 05,2018 0 Read More
How hard is the g1/m1 test? How hard is the g1/m1 test? The Written Test The G1 and M1 written tests are both very similar. There are a few exceptions due to the size and nature of motorcycles and cars being different, however the questions are very similar overall. The questions are split into two main categories, road rules and road signs. Furthermore, most of these questions are based on common sense, meaning if you take a moment to think about it, you will undoubtedly know the answer. The best way to revise for the test is to get the official driver or motorcycle handbook. Once you have your hands on it, it's best to read through it at least twice to get the information to soak in. Depending on how you soak up knowledge, it might be worth reading it more, and focus... Sep 05,2018 0 Read More
Will Autonomous Cars Mean We Won't Need  A Road Test? Will Autonomous Cars Mean We Won't Need A Road Test? The road test can be a challenge for many people, so the thought that one day cars will drive themselves is a welcome one. If you're in your 40s or 50s, then you would have grown up being fed the idea that driving a car would be radically different to when your parents used to take you to the beach. For a start, cars would be electric instead of the gas-guzzling behemoths everyone was driving at the time. Electric cars would revolutionise travel. They would be clean, fast and efficient. Importantly, they would be cheap. This was the vision many books gave us during the 70s, but as time moved on, we realised that pure electric cars are still a way off yet. Sure, Tesla and others are setting the standards, but they're a... Sep 05,2018 0 Read More
What do I need to know for my Ontario road test? What do I need to know for my Ontario road test? G1 Written Test Before you can take your road test, you need to take the written test. This is the beginning of your journey to automotive freedom! The questions you need to answer are based on the Ontario Driver's Handbook so be sure to grab a copy of it to increase your chances of success. As with most tests that feature multiple choice questions, practice makes perfect. Most of the questions simply require you to use common sense. However, if you do find yourself struggling with certain genres of questions, be sure to practice them until you're confident with them. After enough practice, the answer will be second nature to you, and you are sure to pass! It will also increase your confidence and ability to... Sep 04,2018 0 Read More